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An Autonomous Organization under the Ministry of

AYUSH(Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy)

Physiology & Biochemistry



The Department is located on the 3rd floor of the Academic wing. It has one Physiology Practical class room, one Biochemistry Practical class room, one room for Professor, one room for Reader and one room for lecturer and one room is being used as store. The well equipped laboratory has been newly renovated to accommodate 50 students at a time to cater the need of increasing number of students at UG level from 2009-10. The departmental library has adequate collection of books required for day-to-day teaching as well as reference work.

The department displayed the 40 number of different display charts, and is having different CDs and animation software’s  and Pdf format of many books for the academic interest of the students, teachers and visitors, which will give the good impression on their mind.

The Department is staffed with one Reader, one Lecturer and supported by one Laboratory Attendant.

Regular and intensive theory and practical classes for First year and Second year students are held. Regular inter-active tutorials also help to enrich the students’ knowledge. All the classes, both theory and practical are guided by the C.C.H. regulation and in accordance with the curriculum prescribed by the University.

The syllabus of the Physiology and biochemistry are made into PowerPoint presentation for the students to understand the subject well.

The syllabus of the Physiology and biochemistry are explained through the video also for best understanding of the each physiological phenomenon through clear visual understandings.

The department with sufficient microscopes, Instruments, books, specimens and teaching aids. The efforts are reflected in the result of university examinations.

The faculty members are attending OPD on regular basis and admitting patients in the IPD as well as sharing a number of additional responsibilities. The faculty members also guiding the internees for preparation of their Project work and Case Recording.


Results – 23rd batch and 24th batch




candidates appeared

successful candidates

23rd  (session-2012-13)

1st BHMS Exam 2013



24th  (session-2012-13)

1st BHMS Exam 2014



25th (session-2013-14)

1st BHMS Exam 2014