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An Autonomous Organization under the Ministry of

AYUSH(Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy)



The renovation and extension work of the department of Anatomy is near completion.

Sufficient numbers of charts, models, bone sets, skeletons, mounted specimens (viscera’s, dissected regions and parts) are available to conduct both lectures as well as demonstration classes for the students. Sufficient numbers of dead bodies (dissected and un-dissected) are preserved in the department. A good number of Histological slides, projection slides, over head project sheets, 3D charts, laminated pictures, CD’s, CPR’s are available in the department.


Teaching aids like LCD, LCD Monitor, Laptop & Desktop, Over Head Projector, 35 mm slide Projector, Handy cam, Camera, sufficient number of Microscopes, etc are available in the department. Adequate numbers of text as well as reference books on Anatomy and on other subjects required for day- to -day teaching program are also available in the department. Interactive Pen-Drive is used in conducting lecture & demonstration classes.


Numbers of staff (both teaching and non-teaching) available in the department. One full time Professor & one Lecturer, one part time Lecturer, two full time Group- D staff and one part time Group – D staff are available in the department.   


Besides taking classes for the undergraduate and postgraduate students, the faculty members of the department also deliver lectures periodically at Re-Orientation Training programme in the subject Anatomy as well as at MCH and CME programme as Resource Persons / Experts. The faculty members are also guiding the Internees for preparation of their Project work and Case Recording as well as attending Seminars and Symposia regularly