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4th International Day of Yoga

Publish Date: 25-02-2019

4th International Day of Yoga was observed in 21st June 2018 at National Institute of Homoeopathy campus from 8:30 AM. Prof(Dr) Gautam Ash, Director I/C inaugurated the program and Dr Pralay Sharma (Deputy Medical Superintendent I/C) delivered the welcome speech to participants. Yoga expert Dr (Prof) Prem Sundar Das and his team demonstrated and discussed various facts about yoga to the participants.

                Leaflet on yoga was distributed among general public for publicity and awareness on yoga. Quiz and puzzle game contest was organized in the auditorium. Many faculty, staff and students participated in the program.

                Necessary arrangement was done by Dr Jitendra Kumar for uploading the program to track the event live to the BHUVAN site.

                The whole program was coordinated by Dr Pralay Sharma (Deputy Medical Superintendent I/C) and was assisted by Sri Raja Bhattacharya (Physiotherapist).